Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB)

Exogenesis has created a new NanoAccel technology known as accelerated neutral atom beam (ANAB)

NanoAccell is used for ultra-shallow processing of surfaces used for biomedical applications, for optical components, for semiconductor devices, and for other nanosurface modified products. In ANAB, a beam of accelerated gas cluster ions is initially produced as described in GCIB, but the gas cluster is caused to dissociate and a deflector removes the charge.

Released neutral atoms then continue to travel collectively with the same velocities they had prior to being released. An electrostatic deflector is used to eliminate all residual charged species from the beam. Upon target impact, the accelerated neutral atom beams produce surface modification comparable to those associated with GCIB, but to substantially shallower depths (≤ 3 nanometers) and with appreciably greater precision and control.

The NanoAccel platform technology includes 4 variations that modify surfaces to achieve specific objectives.